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01 - S653007 - Panjalogam Karungali Mani Lingam Nandi Bracelet

Panjalogam Karungali Mani Lingam Nandi Bracelet – S653007

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Product Description

Approximate Weight: 36 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 8Lx8Bx1.5H in cm

Material: Mixed Metal

Color: Yellow



This bracelet is made of karungali beads and panchadhatu (5 metals – Copper, Brass, Lead, Iron, and Zinc).

Please expect natural variations.

The images signify actual product however color of the image and product may slightly differ.


Karungali works as talisman created to protects against the evil eye, nazar and drishti. Cleans your aura. Karungali is very suitable for business person who are suffering from sudden down trend in business. Karungali protects us from enemies.

Karungali is made from a rich black dark wood traditionally used for sacred objects because the dark woods are associated with deepest and most sublime qualities of God or deity. The Karungali wood is finely polished and has a nice feel and ambiance which will improve with mantra and prayer. Karungali increases concentration and aids in meditation. Karungali wood is known to be a favorite among Indian royalties. Karungali helps to remove the fetters of anger, hatred and delusion. Karungali can be used in worship of almost all deities.